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Social media is full of people pretending that there life is just amazing and tik tok is all about people wanting there five minutes of fame. I get all of this but there is a better use for social media.

For me I have turned social media in to a positive. I use it to keep track of my exercise and eating habits. I have discovered that if I upload my workout and eating diary to instagram I can keep track of how much I am working out and what I am eating.

For me its not about my calorie intake it is more about eating healthy and making sure I am eating enough protein to build my muscle after exercise. I gave up eating meat 4 years ago and it was not because of health benefits it was more I just didn’t like the taste anymore. It has been a long time since I have purchased any powdered protein as I have always tried to get it through food. I still am very conscious of eating fish and eggs.

I am currently loving porridge made with water and a scoop of the chocolate fudge protein for my post workout. It is so nice warm. I normally just get up and exercise. Just a cup of tea and then head to the garage (which is where my gym is currently) with a bottle of orange juice and water. It’s a great drink and is refreshing. The orange juice really helps.

Here is my advice If you are struggling with keeping yourself active and trying to keep on top of your intake. Get yourself a whiteboard/ bit of paper and write down your workout. Then when you go to your space you have that to look at. Focus yourself and think right I am going to do

  • 5K Run
  • Bike ride
  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Press ups
  • 20 Star jumps

It does not matter what it is. Then just take a pictures of it pop it on social media so everyone can see what you are doing. You may get responses of support and slowly you will build a support network. I am putting my daily workouts on there you can find me at the following:

  • – Instagram
  • @jospt40 – twitter
  • @jospt40 – facebook

Tag me in I would love to see what you up to.

Many Thanks

Jo xx

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