Match Fit and ready

It has been a while since my last blog. Since then, the NHS have had a 1% pay rise and I have been trying to kick start my Personal Training business. To be fair it has started it just is not happening.

I have been looking through social media, you know just a bit of research see what is out there. Social media at the minute is full of half-naked women in sports bras and leggings showing you work out.  

I have my favourites and I been following them mainly on instagram and I love @fitwithfrank who I think trains Ruth Lancaster. I have also been following the lovely @tarahammett she has a lovely Welsh accent and generally does a live Instagram along with her husband and son. She also has a great podcast.

But a long with these pros I just love the people who are just out there doing it like @april_rwl who seems to dance around in a small space in her living room lunging, squatting and other jumpy moves to no music while the kids watch the telly. There are also some seriously strong people like @fireupfitnesssheri my god she is strong she hangs from bars with no effort whatsoever. And as for Bez from the Happy Monday’s out there giving it large, with ‘Get Buzzing with Bez.’ I am just love watching them all.

As I said I started my personal training business. I am putting in the workouts, so I am fit and ready myself, so I am at the top of my game.

My general day consists of:

3K run on a treadmill timed at 17 minutes and a few seconds (Paul Radcliffe did 5K in 14 minutes and 57 seconds) so I am a little off.

20 to 25 minutes of weights, squats, lunges even a bit of skipping. (it is seriously hard. When you whip that rope round and its hits your backside it hurts.)

I do 4 days on and 1 day rest. This is all great, I then hit the social media and try to promote myself with pictures, video’s quotes all sorts. I am now several weeks in in my really big hit to get people on board, and I have manged to attract the marketing fly’s who do you want help I can show you how you can get yourself 20’000 clients just in 1 week by using my simple plan.

Well after all my best efforts I have a total client list of 0 not one person.

If you are reading this and maybe interested, I am currently doing Free consultations and ½ price Personal Training session when booked together which will cost you £7. Normal price of the PT session £14 online £25 in person. Currently all times and dates are free.

Many Thanks if you would like personal training please go to for more information.

Jo xx

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