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Dear Blog Reader

Recently I have had a clear out of my office. My magazines were getting a little out of control so it was time to dump some. I have magazines going back to 2015 all my Women’s Running, Health and Fitness, Women’s Fitness there was loads of them. I use to subscribe to a lot of them a long time ago and I don’t know if you are like me I tend to read them and keep them.

I was going through some back issues of Women’s Fitness Magazine. I stumbled across issue 169 – September 2017. It had Caroline Flack on the cover.

Sadly we are coming up to the first anniversary of her death (15 Feb 2020).

I just wanted to write to say we need to take care of every aspect of our health. It is not always the physical side of our health we need to look after, it also the mental health side we need to look after. I think Caroline Flack highlights this strongly. A vey beautiful, talented women who physically looked amazing but sadly was struggling with her mental health. We all need to look around us and just ask your friends, family and colleagues Are you ok?

Look out for each other.

Important Links

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably Click Here

MIND – For Better Mental Health Click Here

SamaritansClick Here

Many Thanks and thank you for reading.

Jo xx

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