No Frills Workout

I am currently like all personal trainers, in a situation where we need to adapt. Not all of us have the space that looks amazing and appealing.

I don’t really have an appealing looking space to train people. What I have is a no thrills space in a garage which is fit for purpose. I am up on my zoom and have the equipment to complement a call with music.

As you can see I share my space with the ladders, bikes and a feline friend who is great at climbing and balance (self taught).

The space is not very pretty but its all i need to run sessions via zoom personal training.

You tell me what you want to achieve and I will deliver whether it is to change:

Your lifestyle – Lose weight – Feel healthier or just talk to someone different.

I can offer you the no frills workout companion. Because of the situation I don’t charge a fortune for an hours session of one to one which can be split into two half an hours or three 20 minutes its £10.

The Way it Works

On your first initial contact there will be a FREE consultation to look at what you are looking to achieve where you would like to be in a months time, six months a year. It is ok not to know where you would like to be we can work it out together and get you in a great place.

If you do not have any equipment then that is no problem, items around you house can be turned into gym equipment you just need to find out how.

If you are interest in finding out more please contact me the first consultation is free.

Instructors Qualifications:

  • Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Diploma in Nutrition & Weight Consultancy
  • QA Level 3 in Emergency First Aid

Many Thanks

Jo xx

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