Why you Should start Your Fitness Plans Before the New Year!

You are going to make one, if not five New Year resolutions. eat better, get fitter, less alcohol, no chocolate, join a gym, quit Smoking and so on. There are endless imperfections that we all have that could easily consume us if we let them, most of which relate to our physical appearance. 

If you are one of the millions of people who is determined to shed a few extra pounds but are holding off until January using the excuse ‘well Christmas and New Year are on the way. January is a fresh start.’ I am going to share with you a good why you should not wait for the New Year.

We all want a happy and relaxing Christmas break, we want to overindulge, eat Christmas pudding, drink a little more than usual, it is just how it is at this time of the year, but we can be healthier and still enjoy the break.

  • Don’t be like everyone else

Only 7% of people who join the gym in January achieve their goals, and an extremely high proportion of these people are setting goals to lose weight. an incredibly high percentage of people who join the gym in January do not even use their membership after just a few weeks of joining. Brits waste £37m year on unused gym memberships. 

  • Set yourself up for success

Never go “fad diet” or “cold turkey” with diets or exercise. You increase your risk of injuring yourself or causing your body to store excess fat for energy. Losing weight fast will only mean you are more likely to regain what you have lost and some later. Make sustainable changes to your lifestyle gradually. Many people go for crazy and even dangerous diets in January to achieve weight and fat loss, but this never work and cannot last. Starting a healthier lifestyle in November and December leading you up to Christmas, will set you up for January.

  • Do not Use the excuse of I haven’t got time.

I have not got time truly is the adult equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.”. And it is a poor excuse. If you do not have time now, what makes you think things will be different in the New Year? Start to schedule time in your diary for yourself, even just 20 minutes a day, and then you can build on this over the next few weeks and months. By the time you get to January, you are making the time and working out regularly!

  • You can achieve a lot in a short time! 

If you eat right and workout, you can achieve a great impact on your health and physique in just one month, but you need to do things properly. The cabbage diet & 5km runs every day are not going to achieve the perfect fit and healthy body that you want. Believe it or not, “fit pros” know more about losing weight than the glossy magazine that you’ve been reading and what your neighbour keeps telling you (unless of course they are a trainer). Listen to what they are saying about training styles and start to change your mental perception of what is going to achieve results!

  • No pressure to reach your goals

This is not a competition so when the number of people trying to get fit quadruples in January, you may feel pressured because more people are pursuing the same goal as you, and we all achieve things at different rates. It can feel intimidating if someone is doing better or more than you. Your competitive side flicks into gear and then you kill yourself trying to get to the gym seven days a week to beat that brunette on the cross trainer next to you!  You are going to burn out. Don’t compete with anyone else!

  • You will boost your metabolism in time for the holidays

There is a simple way to really enjoy the festivities this Christmas without totally undoing all the hard work you are putting in in your workouts and diet. By increasing your metabolism NOW, you can still indulge in the prosecco and Christmas pud (in moderation), without gaining pounds. Training is going to help you increase your muscle density, and this boosts the rate in which you burn off calories to obtain the much needed energy. By eating smaller meals more frequently and working on a resistance training plan, you will be able to increase your metabolic rate and thus burn off more of what you eat, rather than storing it as fat.

  • Less work to do later

We all know that losing weight is not always an easy journey, there are many bumps in the road and obstacles that are determined to throw us off track. The sad truth is there is no easy way to losing a few pounds, no magic pill or potion that is going to be able to drop the inches and then sustain them longer term. By starting your new health & fitness programme now, by the time everyone is dragging themselves in after Christmas, you will already be seeing the visual effects of your efforts and feeling leaner, lighter, and fitter. Statistically, you are more likely to achieve your goals and stick to you plan if you start before the Christmas period.

  • There never is a perfect time

What is perfect, can you describe it for me now? How do you put ‘perfection’ into words? You cannot because there is no such thing as perfect, and there is no such thing as perfect timing. If you are waiting for the ‘right time’ the ‘perfect time’ for you to start your health & fitness journey, then you are likely to be waiting a long time, and using this as an excuse to not start at all!

  • End the year on a high

We all want to end one year and start a new year on a high, with positive thoughts, positive goals and an overwhelmingly positive outlook. If you were to start your health & fitness campaign now, you are already putting one positive action in place to start the new year on that high that we all crave.

It is better to start the New Year a New You, rather than start the New You in the New Year!

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Jo xx

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