Feel Good to Fight fat

Striving to reach your target weight and fitness level is not only about follow a balance diet and exercising. Undoubtedly it is part of the jigsaw, but there are other major players when it comes to shifting the pounds. Its to do with feel good neurotransmitter serotonin.

Research has indicated that serotonin could be the secret to get the metabolism working effectively. The Scripps Research institute (TSRI) revealed a newly discovered fat burning pathway in your brain and gut.

This involves serotonin: This is how it works serotonin is produced in response to your sensory cues like when you see a plate of food. This then prompts another set of neurons to produce the neuropeptide hormone known as FLP-7.

FLP-7 activates receptors in your gut and then supercharging there function of the intestines to turn fat into energy. Upping your level of serotonin, it is thought you can achieve more fat burring as more FLP-7 is released to boost fat metabolism in the gut as a direct response to elevated serotonin.

How to Boost Serotonin

1 – Exercise More

2 – Increase Good Fat

3- Laugh More

4 – Be more affectionate

5 – Boost your vitamin B

6- Load up on Probiotics

7 – Boost your vitamin D

8 – Eat Spicy food

9 – Get Pampered

10 – Have a Bath

Serotonin is known as your happy hormone for a reason – it can boosted through laughter, so watching funny shows and relaxing can help as well as adding a bit of spice to your food.

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Jo xx

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