Exercising from Home

It’s extremely hard to get yourself motivated when the gyms are open let alone when they are shut, getting yourself into the mind set when you are home to workout can be hard. It also depends on when you have the time
to exercise, whether you are still going out to work or whether you are working from home. All these different factors are thrown at us and are normal routine is out of the window.

I have the time in the morning to exercise, but I am exercising by 8am. I like to exercise in the morning before my body really knows what is going on and before it has had the chance to shout at me for being hungry.

I find that if you lay your gym clothes out the night before, and you just wake up put them on then for me this is it. When you wake up just grab them and put them on. I then think right I put my gym kit on I might as
well do something. You will find with most of the time that you exercise you
tend to burn up more calories huffing and moaning about doing it.

The key is just to get started, just grab a bottle of water. I have weights at home and I also have a treadmill which is great, but we do not all have that luxury. So my advise is even if you get your head phones on and head out the door and think I am just going to have a jog round the block, chances are when you are out there the music will kick in and you will do more
than you think.

If you are doing it at home, put on a YouTube work out, I find that the P.E man himself Joe Wicks is great and he talks you through it and it makes
you feel better when you know he is also out of breath and struggling.

With morning exercise I also find that it delays that wanting breakfast which means I can get in the shower and then come down and I can
think about a cup of tea and some kind of food, instead of getting up and
raiding the cupboards of stuff that I might not really want to eat, but because it is there it is an easy option.

If you are an evening exerciser, again my advice would be make sure them clothes are laid out before you go to work, so that when you come home from work, you change into them and crack on with it. With the darker
nights I quite like the run under streetlights and again if you tell yourself I
am just going for a quick one round the block you will end up going further.

Try setting a playlist to how long you want to run, so when you hit certain songs you know where you are on your route and how far you have got to go and also you can have a little sing song going in your head. The same
can apply for the workout videos it always helps if someone is talking you
through it.

I think if you are an evening exerciser, I find even though I’m not a big coffee drinker, I feel that a coffee before a workout rather than any food helps, the caffeine will kick in and give you the energy to work out. But
with all of this its about getting yourself into a routine and when you have
got your routine sorted then you will be away.

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Many Thanks

Funky xx

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