Exercising from Home

It’s extremely hard to get yourself motivated when the gyms are open let alone when they are shut. Getting yourself into the mind set to exercise when you are home is hard. It also depends on whether you are still going out to work or whether you are working from home. All these different factors are being thrown at us and are normal routine is out of the window.

I am a morning to exerciser. I find it gets it out the way in the morning. I also like the fact my body doesn’t really know what is going on and it hasn’t had the chance to shout at me for being hungry.

Here is a tip lay your gym clothes out the night before. When you wake up put them and you are good to go. I then think right I have put them on I might as well do something. You will then find that when you have started you may do more than you think.  A lot of us tend to burn up more calories huffing and moaning about doing it than doing it including me.

If you don’t have the equipment at home, as equipment is like gold dust at the minute weights at home and I also have a treadmill which is great, but we do not all have that luxury. So

My advise on running is  get your head phones on and head out the door. Just say to yourself “I am just going to have a jog round the block.” chances are when you are out there the music will kick in and you will do more.

If you are doing it at home, put on a YouTube work out. Like most the P.E man himself Joe Wicks is great and he talks you through it and it makes it a lot of fun. It makes you feel better when you know he is also out of breath. 

With morning exercise I also find that it delays that wanting breakfast. I can get in the shower and then come down and then think about it. It also stops me getting up and
raiding the cupboards. Try not to grab the easy option. Porridge is a good option i do mine with water and chop up a banana. Pop it in the microwave give it 5 minutes your done. Boiled eggs are also a good option. I use the John Torode’s 5 minutes. Boil for 5 minutes and then out of the pan into cold water to stop them from cooking any more.

If you are an evening exerciser or this is when you can fit it in. My advice again would be make sure them clothes are laid out. Then when you come home from work put them on. You can then have a coffee, tea or a snack but again you have put the clothes on you might as well do a workout. With the darker nights I quite like a run under streetlights and again if you tell yourself I
am just going for a quick one round the block you will end up going further.

If you are running. Set yourself a playlist. Then each time you run see if you can make it home before a certain songs starts and time yourself by which tune you make it back home to.

With all of this its about getting yourself into a routine and when you have got your routine sorted then you will be away.

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Jo xx

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