Fitness and Portion Control

They are saturating YouTube and they are flowing through Insta live, fitness and workout video’s are available to watch morning, noon and night. You do not have to search very hard to find them, pick a celeb like Suzanne Shaw (I know you may not of heard of her but she was in Hear Say a band of the 90’s that was put together from pop starts the rivals) she is @suzi_shaw on instagram and she does workout Wednesday, she runs 5K, which is great but where is the eating advice. She is not the only one out there doing it, there are many others out there. Its ok doing all this exercise but if you are not eating the right things then you are going to get nowhere.

This is my advise:

Yes take regular exercise you need to, get the heart pumping and work it, your heart is the most important muscle that we have and keeps all the others in check by supplying blood and oxygen to the rest of your body all those vital organs. The slower you can get it to beat at rest the longer it will last.

You need to be putting the right food in your mouth, there is no point putting in the miles on the treadmill if you are not looking at what you eat and what quantity.

The percentage of what we need to lose weight or maintain works like this: if you are trying to lose weight 20% of what you do is exercise. 80% of it is food.

If you were to run for half an hour at a steady consistent pace you would burn off on average and this depends on your heart rate and fitness levels in the first place it is around 250 to 300 calories. To put that into perspective a mars bar is 230 calories.

Do not just look at the exercise side of things you need to look at the food side as well, they come as a package. You need to make sure you have protein in your diet as protein builds muscles and when you exercise you rip then like you do generally day to day. Make sure that 15% of your diet is protein. You also need carbs in your diet to give you the energy so you can exercise and function day to day. You need to look at having around 50% of your diet as carbs. You also need good fat in your diet around 35% of your daily intake needs to be good fat. Good fat comes from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, these fats are found in nuts and oily fish.

My major advise is look at how much food you have on your plate, plates nowadays seem to be getting bigger and therefore making you unconsciously put more on your plate. Look on the packet’s of your food as all packets give you a breakdown of the contents. If you are trying to lose weight you will be able to keep on top of it this way and it will stop you obsessing over feeling like you have got to exercise every day. Any exercise that you can fit in to your day or week will be adequate, it’s more important the fact you are doing it.

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Many Thanks and Stay Safe at these in certain times

Funky xx

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