Stop with the Exemptions to Masks. Lockdown Number Two this Thursday

Facemask/Covering! are there to protect us all, why do you think you should be exempt. If a doctor will not supply the exemptions for you there is a reason why. Amazon supplying them for £4.99 tells me two things, the tax dodging Amazon are out to make money and secondly anyone that buy’s one doesn’t really care about spreading the virus. If you are truly exempt then you must be at a high risk and you should be thinking of protecting yourself not going out to restaurants and other social places.

With another lockdown starting this Thursday for four weeks, it is more important than ever to where your masks to protect yourself as well as others. Yes, masks are uncomfortable and irritating but it for your own safety and others. If we are going to get through this then do the right thing.

The government haven’t got a clue how to deal with this, why would they, my feelings on this is that until we get a vaccine for the virus nothing is going to change, but we can prevent it from spreading especially to our loved ones.

Peoples lively hoods are suffering please help and get this under control. Don’t be selfish, think of others and put a face covering on. We are the ones that can make a difference. We are either in this together or we are not.

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Funky xx

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