Holiday Season

Well i have just returned from a week in Combe Martin, which is a little place in Ilfracombe North Devon (a little hilly). It was a mix bag weather wise and for some strange reason most things were shut like the local museum, aquarium and castle and theme park. But with average temperatures and slight rain the only thing to do was to hit the amazing beach which is very calm and mellow cove.

Its hard when you go on holiday to eat as healthy as you would like and maybe you think you are not doing as much exercise as you think you are doing but, you would be surprise when you are away how much exercise you do actually do.

For me being on the beach meant that the joy of swimming in the sea was rather fresh and that gets your heart rate going let me tell you, as you slowly climatise yourself to the not so warm water, but if i am being honest i did have a wetsuit on (just shorts and t shirt version not the full kit and caboodle) which made it a pleasant experience. I also did a bit of Kayaking as the sea was so still although not so much rowing as i was hiding at the back of the two man contraption so my kayak partner didn’t see how little i was doing.

When your on holiday you are there to enjoy yourself, and that is what you need to do. I always think about what i am eating but at the same time if i want a Spinach and Ricotta pasty, fish and chips as well as an ice cream i am going to have them. Certainly when you are on holiday in this country you move more than you think or than you would like. If it’s the two mile walk to the sea as the tide is out, or in the evening you are going for a walk enjoying the scenery, or maybe its a day when the weather is crap you are doing more than you think.

Ultimately you have worked hard for your holidays and you need to enjoy them so don’t panic about what you are eating, or how much exercise you are or aren’t doing fitness is a journey and we are all entitled to take time out from it so don’t beat yourself up and take time out and relax.

Thank you for reading my blog ‘Holiday Season’ just press follow and it will let you know when my next blog is out.

Thanks for reading

Funky xx

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