Where have all the Dumbbells Gone?

Its been a while since i have had the chance to sit and write. If you like many others have been annoyed by the events of pubs being able to open over gyms here is what i believe.

Why Gym’s Can’t Open

1: The air conditioning in gyms circulates around all the gym and there could be potentially someone working out in the gym that is socially distant from you by 2 meters or more but they could be carrying the virus and not know it. They may not be displaying any symptoms, then in turn this will be dragged into the air conditioning and subsequently circulate around the gym.

2. The wiping down of equipment after it has been use would become the responsibility of the staff that are working in the gym. I completely understand that everyone in the gym would take responsibility for there own area after they are done, but what if one person doesn’t. Ultimately this does fall to the gym staff and your safety is in there hands.

3. Because gyms are not being open people have obviously taken to buying some of their own equipment so they can workout at home, which is why there are not dumb bells about, as well as kettle bells and other lifting weights, and if you can find them they are ridiculously priced. What i would suggest as an alternative is TRX suspension trainers. They are available from most places and these work on body weight. Check out youtube as there are plenty of videos for begins as well as advance.

4. Really pubs opening that will go well, how many drinks before social distancing goes out the window and everyone is back to huging and kissing each other. Plus on top of that how many fights are we looking at the police are going to be in demand if all the pubs open, i have to say there is many around by me that are opening on a Saturday but leaving it to Monday.

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Many Thanks

Funky xx

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