Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Final Day (day 7)

It’s the final day before tomorrow’s weigh in just to see if the slim fast diet works, so what i have done is waited to release today so that i could do it all in one.

I started this 7 day journey not convinced by the what is classed as the quick fix diet can lose the what peoples expectations are of losing weight quickly. I can confirm that this diet has taught me one thing that my eating style of eating what I want and exercising frequently means that i maintain my weight and I am always been happy with that but if i have lost weight i thought that maybe in the long run can you have a quick fix. I would recommend this diet for the short term. Just doing a week does give you a good idea of how little you can eat and not feel hungry.

The last day and I exercised again and made up for the lack of weights from the previous day so I feel back on track again. I always feel better after I have done half an hour of exercise in the morning. When you regularly exercise it does make you feel strong and happier,

Last Day’s menu is as follows:


Slim Fast Strawberry Shake


Warburtons roll with 50% less fat cheese spread and a pack of slim fast sour cream and chive pretzels.


Homemade potato and leek soup, no bread


Greek natural yogurt

Snacks for today was my very favourite Chocolate Caramel Treat bar and a banana I had both of these in the afternoon.

When i have changed what i am eating i have always used the MyFitness Pal app to make sure i am not going over on the calories that they recommend which is 1200 for a female and 1500 for a man.

Well the not so big reveal as we can see i haven’t even lost a pound in weight, so i can safely say, slim fast you are really not worth it. Although i have discovered there caramel treat bar they are nice.

My advice if you are trying to lose weight, take regular exercise it doesn’t have to be a big cardio and weights session just a walk round the block is good enough and just watch what you eat. Look at your portion sizes and what you have got on you plate. To have a look at simple nutrition just look at my previous blog called “Simplified Nutrition”. A great app is MyFitness Pal as you scan the bar codes of your food and it will give you a breakdown of its content.

Thank you for reading my slim fast experiment, Click the follow button if you want to know when my next blog is out and if you are in the Northampton area of the UK i am doing social distance one to one personal training for free just book your place.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

Funky xx

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