Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Day 6

It’s going well I have managed to stick to the calorie restrictions that slim fast want you to and I haven’t got bored or thought about eating anything else even when the rest of my family got Chinese. I am not sure about where you are, but around by me a lot of our takeaways have opened up. We have a great chippy in our village and it is another of my guilty pleasures, it has several of those stars on the window.

I started to exercise this morning but it got cut short because Mr Morrison’s turned up early with my food shop. I booked them between 9am and 10am so they was obviously running early and turned up a 8:30am. Normally I get a call to say they are going to be early is it ok? But this guy was outside my door and had unloaded my shopping. Because of this I only managed to do one round of weights after I had packed the shopping away I couldn’t be bothered to finish off so I had my shake instead and called the exercise a day.

Today’s menu is as follows:


Slim Fast Strawberry Shake


5 Salt and Pepper crackers with 50% less fat cheese spread and a packet of slim fast cheese bits I wouldn’t buy them.


Roast Potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, leek and homemade Yorkshire pudding


Greek natural yogurt

Only one snack today and that was the Chocolate Caramel Treat bar in the afternoon (guilty pleasure).

Thank you for reading just click the follow but to read my last day, or previous days just look back over my blogs. After I have finished with slim fast I will be talking about different methods of exercise and explaining which burns the most calories. I hope it will be an interesting read.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

Funky xx

Today is day 6 and the end is in sight. #slim #fast #diet #blogger #blog #diary #meal #plan #slimfast

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