Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Day 5

Today’s menu is as follows:


2 slim fast porridge sachets which equates to 200 calories


Today I exchanged yesterdays soup for 2 boiled eggs and still had the 2 slices of tiger loaf with butter.


Sweet Pepper pasta sauce with the pasta, Sweet corn for a tin not on the cob with peas and my favourite and a Linda McCartney Sausage Roll


Greek natural yogurt

Only one snack today and that was the Chocolate Caramel Treat bar in the afternoon and they are just so nice, they are like a treat and at 99 calories not to bad for a treat.

I didn’t do any exercise today as I think I went a bit over the top yesterday with dropping a few more lunges than normal. It aways seems ok when your doing weights but it’s always later on or the next day and you have to go through the DOMS syndrome (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) it only last 24 to 48 hours but it totally affects your normal functions. It’s a bit like being punished for your hard work. Tomorrow I’ll have a gentle jog, run it out if it’s a bit sore still when the muscles start to warm up they become more flexible. It is always best to stretch after a run as it will help with keeping DOMS at bay. The thing is when you have exercise and your muscles and joints are all warmed up so it is is best to stretch them to enhances the flexibility and reduces that muscle tension. There is always a reason for doing things.

Now I now I have said a few times that I would feel hungry on this diet as I tend to eat a lot more and not always the healthiest of option but some thing naughty always goes down well. My guilty pleasure is crisps I very much enjoy a marmite sandwich with a packet of walkers plain crisp.

I can’t believe that day 5 is done with, well two days to go the 7th day weighing will be interesting I don’t feel any different I don’t think but who knows, the scales have the answer.

Thank you for reading just click the follow but to read my next few days. After I have finished with slim fast I will be talking about different methods of exercise and explaining which burns the most calories and for longer.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

Funky xx

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