Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Day 4

Today I started my day off with exercise (run plus weights). I change today as I have managed to finish my 50K for MS. (By the way you can still sponsor me) I decided to do different method I did’t do just a straight run I used a ethos called fartek  which is where you for example sprint for 30 seconds and then jog/walk for 30 seconds to recover, then sprint for 30 seconds and then jog/walk again. fartlek sessions make your body burn more calories to match the demand of running faster, it also takes the boredom away a bit from just a constant pace.

You might ask why I don’t take to the streets and the answer is that I did but then it started to get busy and I spent most of my time trying to social distance with people on the pavement so I would run in the road and then the roads started to get busier so I couldn’t run in the road to avaoid people it all seemed a bit like hard work just to go for a run. This is why I have ended up in the garage on my treadmill, but if I am being honest the treadmill cost me £700 and it needs to be used and I am actually liking locking myself in the garage with my treadmill, and a few weights and my music. I like the treadmill as it’s got speakers and you just plug your music into it and play it no need for headphones.

Back to Slim Fast today’s menu is as follows:


Slim Fast smoothie shake

Lunch I went a bit off plan but I’m sure it wont matter as long as I have only had the 1200 calories in the day.

Heinz Tomato Soup and two slices of tiger loaf with butter.


Tuna Steak, Mini hash browns, bake beans


Greek natural yogurt

I didn’t eat snacks today as I decided that I would save them so I could have 3 meals which again was within my calorie intake for the day. Even though I stepped away from the slim fast products I still wasn’t hungry.

Thank you for reading I am over halfway and feeling good about it lets see if you really can lose weight on slim fast

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

Funky xx

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