Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Me V Slim Fast day 3. Find out how it went. #slimfast #diary #diet #loseweight #getfit #blogger

Day 3
Today was a rest day so I didn’t exercise it was just looking at what I was eating. Today’s run down I mixed it up with having a couple of snacks together to make up the meals.
2 times slim fast golden syrup porridge sachet  
5 sea salt and black pepper crackers with 50% reduced soft cheese
Homemade vegetable soup which consisted off: potatoes, carrots, peas and sweet corn. Along with this i had a Linda McCartney sausage roll and natural Greek yogurt for dessert.
I chose to use my snacks along side my meals and left just one snack for the afternoon and had the slim fast chocolate caramel treat which are really nice.
Again today I haven’t felt hungry, I eat my evening meal at around 6pm. This is always my last meal till the morning and I am not hungry when I wake up and I manage to exercise before breakfast which i am impressed with. if I am exercising I don’t have my first meal replacement until 10am which also helps with being able to drop the morning snack to have it with lunch. I am finding I always need that afternoon snack as it seems such a long gap from my lunch at 1:30pm till 6pm when i have my dinner.
Thank you for reading my diary and I will post my next day soon please hit follow for when it is released.
Many thanks and Stay Safe
Funky xx

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