Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Day two and i thought i would wake up hungry, but to my surprise i didn’t. I manged to complete another 3 km for my May challenge as well as some weights in the morning before breakfast. I do my running on a treadmill that is positioned in a back half of a garage. The garage has been partitioned off because like most things in life the plan was to turn the back part of the garage into a mini gym only over the years we have accumulated so much stuff we have no where to put it. Plus i am married to a carpenter and we have a wood burner, as you may guess the back off the garage get full with wood, when the two out door woods stores are full.

For breakfast i again had the meal replacement strawberry milk shake. What has surprised me is that in the future when i have finished with my 7 days i may switch my usual brand of protein for the slim fast one. For starters it is cheaper and a lot nicer some protein shakes need something extra putting in them to just get them down you.

Around 11:30 i had a snack of a banana which is around 100 calories and then for lunch i prepared it my self with out having something from the box, i used My Fitness Pal to check calorie contents as i needed it to be around 200. I had five seal salt and pepper crackers with 50% reduced fat cream cheese, in total it came to 199 calories.

My afternoon snack was the slim fast syrup porridge which is a 29g sugar free porridge with syrup to make it taste better, and to be honest i found it a bit to sweet i am very much a savoury person, and i topped the day off with my tea which was in my calorie consumption, but maybe a bit perhaps not as nutritional as it could of been but slim fast is all about the calorie intake. I had one Linda McCartney sausage roll, gluten free chips and bake beans it was a nice comfort food and i topped it off with my final snack of the day a slim fast chocolate caramel treat. I have said that i haven’t got a sweet tooth but it was nice and in the future may i will buy a box i certainly could eat more than one.

My total calorie count for the day was 1125 calories, i did have a couple of teas through out the day so this may take it up very slightly but i was in my allocated calorie count and again shocking didn’t feel hungry.

Thank you for reading Day 2 of my slim fast diet which was intended to expose it but i seem to be getting on OK but i’m only 2 days,we will have to see how this bad boy pans out.

Many Thanks and Stay Safe

Funky xx

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