Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

Before i start on this journey i need you see what i am starting with, i am a little stocky may be classed a bit of a pear build and my stats are as follows:

  • Height – 5ft
  • Weight – 8 stone 3 and 5/8
  • Age – 47

It is important for this experiment that i weigh my self at the same time of day as your weight can vary through out the day with each meal that you eat. I am not going to weigh myself again until the start of the first day that i have stopped the diet. I weighed myself at the start of the day as i was about to get in the shower and i had the first shake and run and weights session.

The exercise i took was a 3k run to add some KM’s to my challenge “The May 50K” which by the way you can sponsor me if you would like by Clicking Here. My run was done on the treadmill which is boring and you don’t get much motivation apart from the chance to listen to some great music which today’s music choice, i went back to the 80’s with the Spotify All Out 80’s with hits that included:

Madness – Our House
The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star
Starship – We Built this City
and that good old 80’s classic
Dolly Parton – 9 to 5, which in this current climate people would be loving to do.

It was a bit of a slow 3K but you know its not about the speed its about the exercise. Although the treadmills says i burnt 272 calories this is not true my apple watch said that i burnt 134 active calories.

I followed this run up with a little bit of a weights session which is what i always do, i like to do a bit of cardio and follow it up with a few weights. I tend to do tri-sets which is 3 exercises with no rest between them. It get the session over and done with quicker. I tend to do a shoulder press, bicep curl and squat. i do 12 of each and i do them one after the other, I then take 20 seconds and i do it again and i do 4 rounds. i will post a video to show what i mean. After this session i started with the shake which is 250 milk and 2 scoops of powder. i have a nutri-bullet to mix it but you can can easily put it in a bottle and shake it.

I was surprised to how nice it was and that i was full for a while but i did need that morning snack which i had a apple.

For lunch i chose the option to have to snacks together instead of a meal replacement. I had two boiled eggs and then later on had the meal replacement bar as a snack, which was a chocolate crunch bar and i have to say it was OK but not the greatest, So that was all the small calorie items done with all i had left for the rest of the day was the meal which you can have at any time you could have the 600 calorie meal for your lunch. I just felt that if i am going to get through the night and not feel hungry then i need to leave the meal to last.

The last meal of the day was cooked mackerel with veg. I have the app MyFitness pal which is great if you want to watch your intake and it breaks it all down for you. You just scan the bar codes and it finds it. You can pay for a version of it by i just have the free one.


I’m going to say i’m shocked i had moments of feeling hungry but i just had the snacks that are allocated, and i didn’t feel over full after my meal. It was actually OK. I think i may have just shocked myself, but it is only day one we will see what the rest of the week has in store for me.

Thank you for reading and if you just click the follow button you will be able to continue my journey with me.

Many Thanks and stay safe

Funky xx

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