Fast Weight Loss – Slim Fast

The slim fast diet is a famous diet that everybody has heard of, as a personal trainer i would not advise my clients to take the quick fix as the down side is you may lose the weight quick but it wont educate you on nutrition and exercise and how you can maintain the weight you lose. Learning portion control and eating the right nutrients is the key to success and long term success. The simple basics of food over exercise to maintain or lose weight is a ratio of 80% food and 20% exercise.

I have decided to take on the plan and to keep a diary of each day to keep you posted. I don’t agree with the diet but to expose it as bad then i have to try it. i have brought a slim fast 7 day starter pack. In the starter pack it contains

  • 1 tub of strawberry shake which is a meal replacement
  • 2 chocolate crunch bars which are also a meal replacement
  • 1 box of 5 porridge sachets which are classed as a snack
  • 1 packet of pretzels which is also a snack
  • cheddar bites also a snack
  • 5 chocolate caramel treats also a snack

This is the day planner for the next 7 days to give you an idea. This is how it works in a day. In a day you will have three snacks which are around 100 calories or just less. You have two meal replacement meals that are 200 to 230 calories. You eat one meal a day with a calorie content of 600. This equals 1200 if you are female and if you are male you have a 800 calorie meal. They recommend that you drink 2 litres of water a day and exercise.

I will record my weight at the start and at the end, give you a break down of what i have had to eat and calories and how i am feeling each day and after the 7 days will will see how much weight i have lost. Along side this i will be doing my usual exercise and recording it.

So press the follow button and wish me luck.

Many Thanks

Funky xx

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