To Lift or Not to Lift?

It’s a common vision to walk into the gym and see a majority of women on the cardio machines while the men are pumping reps in the weights area. If you’re wanting those desired curves, spending hours moving from the Bike, Treadmill and Cross Trainer isn’t going to get you them. These long duration but low intense cardio sessions will actually do the opposite, lowering our metabolism and losing muscle mass. Over time we’d have lowered our body weight but increased our body fat percentage.

Throughout my years of meeting clients, I tend to often hear ” I don’t want to use weights, I don’t want to get bulky” with the crazy thought of imagining themselves transforming into the Incredible Hulk Super Women.

Unlike women, male’s are genetically built to have larger muscle fibres, which helps them gain more mass and produce more testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for growth. Women produce more oestrogen, which means our bodies naturally carry more body fat than lean muscle. If you are a women that’s prone to bulking up, focus on your daily caloric and macro nutrient intake, meal prep, and eat for performance and recovery.

Nutrition, body type and genetics can play a big role in our body composition. Women who are ‘bulky’ have been training for years, following a tailed nutritional plan, taking many supplements and have the goal of increasing strength rather than their body composition. It takes a lot more effort to gain muscle than to gain or lose fat. You’d have to eat religiously and set up camp in the weights rooms to get anything close to having a real muscular bulky physique.

That Feel Good Feeling

Weight training can be very therapeutic, greatly improving your energy throughout your day to day life. Giving off feel good chemicals in the brain, making you feel more positive. If your’e feeling stressed!! Weight training has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression while improving your physical image and confidence!!

Sleep Tighter

Having trouble sleeping due to worry or stress. Take it out on the dumbbells. A exercise program including weight training will help improve the quality and the amount of sleep you get a night.

Burn More Fat At Chill Time

Weight training boosts our metabolism meaning were more capable of burning fat when just being sat watching X factor. Your muscle mass largely determines how many calories you burn by just living. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends.

Be A Strong Skeletor

Weight training provides loading, important for the maintenance and improvement of bone health, it strengthens our bones, making them more dense. Which they will appreciate it in years to come!

A Healthy Beat

We know that cardio training helps promote better heart health but the heart is also a muscle and can be trained the same as we’d train our skeletal muscles. Combining weight training can actually be more effective.

Forget The Scales, Love Your Lean Body

A lot of women are obsessed with the digits on the scales. The composition varies dramatically between fat and muscle, Muscle has 18% more volume density than fat, so 10lbs of muscle takes up a lot less space than 10lbs of fat. Meaning, Your lean body weight will increase with strength training, but will decease in a few dress sizes, not to mention those shape curves you’ve developed. Stop stepping on that sad step. At the end of the day, our physique is what we really care about, make friends with the barbell and see what your body is really capable of. It sure will thank you for it!

Thank you for reading my To Lift or Not to Lift and I hope this has given you an idea about lifting weights and any worries about using the weights area of the gym or treating yourself to some dumbbell.

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