Lockdown Running Update

Well how is everyone holding up? When we went into lockdown, I don’t think anyone really knew what was going to happen and how restricted we were going to but here way are several weeks in and at least another 3 to go and maybe more before we are all released back into the wild. 

Well the number of books I have read is great and the amount of exercise I am doing is going through the roof. My daily run which is now a nice 24 minutes (give or take a bit of walking) because some mornings of late the weather has been that nice at 7 in the morning that I just want to take it in that the road I am running a long is normally full of people going to work and it’s just nice to see it so quiet. The same when I turn and run through the village on my way back home, again normally full of traffic it is a very busy village. All I see on my run is a few cars) because people are still working because not every gets the flaky rules that in place and to be honest why would you as they are contradictory). So very lovely dog walks where sadly dogs are on there leads and the 2 meters rule has not been filtered down to them as they just want to greet everyone. Dogs are going to feel so free after this they will be off the lead and they will be able to run for miles without a care in the world.

So back to my plan B on the exercise front, it was time to head back to the killer of all exercise and something I had not done for a long time… RUNNING. So here is my update and results table.

Just to give you a picture of around the block it is just 1.9 km that is 1.2 miles. I managed it in 16.36 minutes. To put that into a bit of perspective Paula Radcliff runs 5km in 15 minutes 38 seconds on my rating I would do it in 43 minutes not quite an Olympic time. But i have stuck with it and I have now extended my run up to 3.21 km and I am running that in 24.21 which is the equivalent to 37.7 5 k. so in the space of 2 and a half weeks I have improved.

 It has been a long time since I have hit the tarmac and you would think of all people a personal trainer would be able to handle run at the very least a 5K. You would think that, but it just goes to show personal trainers may stand in front of you with a load of muscles and they can dead lift 30 kg, but the question is can they run 5K? I am living proof that they probably but is it as quick as you think maybe not.

So people this is my challenge to you, who knows how long this is going to go on for but lets try and hit some new targets, there is a lot of free workouts out there or you can go it alone bike run we are all aloud time to exercise we should utilise it and hit some new targets in life. Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment.

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Many Thanks

 Funky xx

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