With Free Fitness, we will all be ready for “SAS Who Dares Wins”

I don’t know how you feel about exercise before lockdown whether you were an avid exerciser, belong to a gym, biked, run or whether you never exercised couldn’t be doing with it and was more interested in exercising other parts of your life or whether you have a hectic life and you just don’t have the time. What i have noticed is a lot of people hitting the pavements and ruining as well as there are a lot of new bikes around. I think it is great.

I use to do a bit Of exercise by biking as i have put in my previous posts, that i used to bike to work and back (obviously if i have gone one way i need to do the return journey), but as work is not happening right now and i can’t turn to my other form of a job and income, which i am a personal trainer people have a certain image of what a personal trainer should look like and how fit you should be. But if you think about it, its not the personal trainer doing the work its the client. As a personal trainer you are just shouting/encouraging from the side lines and the only exercise you do is demonstrating any particular exercise. Its not like SAS Who Dares Wins where you are beasted until you are forced to quite and then if you survive that you are then interrogation and forced to listen to baby’s crying, no is just a polite questions about your diet and some advise on eating plans.

Now you may have noticed that there is a lot of people that usually make there money from being in the public eye are spending a lot of their time on social media exercising one way or another and those that have got fitness plans to sell are promoting them more than ever but offering the first 30 days for free (good old Davina). My opinion of these plans is that you spend a load of money to have a fitness plan that is designed just for you. Well people i have got some bad news for you, your personalised plan is designed for anyone who wants to lose weight and get fit. If you need help then they are great but my advise is just watch what you eat, we all know when we have had something a little naughty just watch condiments they are where your calories are, but there is nothing wrong with a treat every now and again just not every day and not in large quantities. There are loads of free exercise routines out there since we have been in lockdown just have a look on YouTube or try “The Fit Box” on facebook they do great workouts for begins, as well as advanced just give them a look.

I believe by the time this lockdown is over we are back to what ever the the new normal will be, we will all be ready for the next series of “SAS Who Dares Wins.” Just remember:

“Even when you have got the world at your feet you have to make sure your laces are tied.

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Funky xx

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