Has Everyone Gone Back To Work

I don’t know whether it is me, but since the announcement from the government just over a week that there would be no change for the next three weeks and that nothing will change, the roads seem really busy. When i use to go out for my morning run i use to see a few dog walkers and a few runners, when i passed people i was able to just run down the middle of the road to give people the 2 meter requirement as per the governments social distancing rule. Not now if i attempt to run down the road to give people space i risk my life i could get run over.

There seems to be the lunatics back on the road, not sure where they are rushing off to. I mean i say its got busier but what i mean is busier than it was. There s still no where near as much as there was in what feels like the olden days when we use to go out and socialise, do you remember those days?

Now Boris is back are people going to listen again, just continue because they have had enough. Scotland have announce they will be wearing face masks, even though they don’t make a difference. My question is who is going to pay for these face mask. I have been furloughed like a lot of people and i need to watch my money as although i am hoping to have a job to go back to there is no guarantees.

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