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This lockdown has been hard on everyone i don’t think anyone thought we would get to this point, but we have and parents are trying to make sure that their kids brains are still active and that they are doing any work that the school has allocated for them to do as well as trying to get them to catch up with their friends, it is all so hard as you don’t know what to do for the best.

I have an 11 year old boy and i am finding it really hard to get him to do school work. If i am being honest he is doing in the region of around half an hour a day. The trouble is i sit with him and there is stuff that i just don’t know or understand, i am then googling it and he is tell me I’m not aloud to do that, and he is then getting annoyed with me because i don’t know it but google knows everything and to be honest Alexa she is ok but she doesn’t know everything although she is very polite when she says “I’m sorry i don’t that” And you think Alexa just play my playlist.

I have contacted my sons tutor who has said she is contactable and yes she is contactable she just doesn’t respond when you contact her. So there no point what so every in trying to contact her. My sons school have all the facilities in place to set assignments for each subject with there being a school shared drive but there just isn’t any assignments on there. I do feel i have to question these teachers who are not setting work, are they genuine that they can’t work or are they looking at the great weather and thinking sod it i just tell them i can’t do it.

Because i am in the house with my son 24/7 i feel that its not worth having an argument over school work, and its not worth me trying to get him to sit and try and do more right now we all need to get on. What we are managing in this great weather that we are having is some great bike rides with our hour exercise, we have been biking along the canal not far from us, it has been doing him the world of good getting out and exercising and it is doing me good as well.

When it comes to schooling i am think you know it will all come out in the wash and i am not going to panic that he hasn’t done as much study as he should, at the end of the day programs we are watching like “Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Richard Osman’s House of Games and Inside the Factory” all these shows are filling him with knowledge without him knowing. The sessions on the Xbox where he is virtually playing with his friends is the best we can do for now. We are all in the uncertain rocky boat together and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through this hopefully with not to many more casualties.

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