Why Smoothies?

You might be asking why have a website dedicated to smoothies and fitness? Well i believe they go hand in hand. If you have been in the gym you will probably have seen the fridge in receptionist having protein shakes in it. The protein helps repair those muscles after a workout, they are quick they are easy and they give you back them much needed nutrients that you have just burnt off. When you have just done a work out you are so tempted to treat yourself with something that will in one fell swoop ruin the hard work you have just done, it is easier to make yourself a smoothie and that is nutrition and not naughty.

Maybe you have been rushing around to get the kids to school rather miss the most important meal of the day, just throw in your smoothie maker/blender a load of fruit a bit of yogurt milk/water ice cubes and mix, you have got yourself what is essential meal of the day. They are a great way of getting your five a day and if you have a busy lifestyle which a lot of people do, you know you and eating healthy getting the nutrition needed and providing you are putting the right ingredients in, it means you are not missing out on a meal. It is so easy when you are busy to miss meals out and that is not great for your metabolism. When you start to miss meals and starve your body, it will start to store fat as a survival mechanism because it is not sure when it is going to be getting any food again. It is also important to fuel yourself correctly with protein, carbs, fats, minerals and vitamins. Your body relies on these so it can function correctly.

We need protein in our diet to repairs the muscles we rip every day whether we have exercised or not just the daily grind does that. We need 15 to 20% of our daily intake to be protein depending on how active we have been. I believe it is best to get your daily consumption of protein from your food. We get protein from dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt) meat (chicken, lean meat and fish) we also get it from (nuts, beans, rice and eggs).

We need carbs in our diet as well this is a source of our energy we need carbs to be around 60% of our daily intake. For a female we need to consume around 1500 calories a day which 900 kcals should come from carbs. Which is 450g of carbs. This depends on how active you are. To give you an idea of what we are talking about 3 slices of bread or a cup of pasta or 3 medium potatoes works out to around 290 calories which is the equivalent to 50g of carbs.

When it comes to fats on average 20 to 30% of energy should come from fats. We get fats from food like (peanut butter, avocado and butter) we need to be careful of hidden fats that are in (high fat cheese, processed meat, crisps and chocolate) its hard to avoid these hidden fat foods as they taste amazing and are very addictive. When you are watching what you are eating it very hard to avoid these food, but my theory is a little of what you like every now maybe once a week doesn’t hurt it is all about portion control.

When it comes to vitamins and minerals we all need to make sure we are getting our vitamin C, D, iron, zinc and calcium, we need these in our bodies, for example vitamin C helps absorb iron. zinc, calcium and iron also interact with each other to keep us up and running.

So back to the question Why Smoothies? Smoothies are a great way of getting all the carbs, protein, fats, minerals and vitamins into your body in one hit. There is no cooking, not really any prep, you simply just pop them in your smoothie make and blend them all together. One nutrition meal all mixed together and off you go.

But don’t get me wrong smoothies are great and we can’t be good all the time, so why not if you fancy it make a strawberries and cream smoothie, Just put in strawberry’s, milk and if you want something really good (Ice Cream) blend it up and hay presto something truly magical.

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Many Thanks

Funky xx

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