Lockdown Fitness Routine

Lock down has landed for a while now and my usual fitness routine has been taken away from me, i usually bike to work. I work 4 days a week (depending on the weather i bike). I’m not such a fair weather biker but more of i don’t want to get soaked on the way to work biker, i don’t mind on the way home. I work for a diabetic charity “IDDT” (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust) its a small charity, with there being just the five of us.

My usual route to work takes me through what is know as “The Racecourse” in Northampton, it isn’t actually a racecourse but a big park. One of the Park Runs takes place there on Saturday mornings. Park run is a timed 5K run. On a sunny day the racecourse is a great place to bike through as i do the full length of It, in one end and out the other, it has many a character from the gangs of youth’s which give me my daily weed fix, to the routine dog walks and many people on there daily commute. Along Georges’s Avenue which runs parallel to one side of the racecourse there is a nursery/child minders and they are usually out with a load of kids just running in all directions (the kids not the adults).

My journey to work is just over 3 miles which isn’t a big workout when you are bike but its just enough cardio. I’m not a big fan of cardio but i do like get my heart rate up and release them endorphins to feel great at the start of the day. As i don’t start till 9.30 and my bike ride is only 20 minutes it give me a chance to do a 15 minute kettle bell or some strength training before i leave.

With this lock down i have definitely missed my bike rides, but i have started to do more running just a 15 minute run round the block at around 7 in the morning to start the day followed by a 15 minute strength workout consisting of squats, crunches as well as swing a kettle bell about to do my arms and back.

During this lock down time there is a lot of workouts out there for you, they are not just on YouTube, a friend of mine is doing live workouts over on Facebook every day through out the day, they are called “The Fit Box” as well as the great Joe Wicks doing his 9 am PE session that is not just for the kids they are for everyone.

We are currently in a very strange situation that it is strange to feel that it will be our grandchild/great grand children that will be studying this time in history and it makes me feel like we social media and the internet we should all be leaving them the answers for there GCSE’s or even there A Levels or will you be able to do a degree in Cronavirus history?

But more than anything right now its important to keep yourself in a routine and maybe now is the time while you have the time to start showing them endorphins how to release themselves and be free.

Thank you for reading Lockdown Fitness just follow to get my new blogs.

Many Thanks

Funky xx

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